Historic Rebuild for Tierra Del Sol Housing Corportation
Remodeled Bedroom Windows
New Hall Bathroom
New Master Shower
The first record of this building is dated 1929.  It is located in the Historic District of Las Cruces,NM.
It seems to have been constructed in a minimum of four phases.  
One person we talked with during reconstruction said it started out as a one room local convenience   
store.  That seems to have been the center part of the building where the double windows are and      
the entrance door to the right.  
It seems the kitchen was added next--that would be the door to left.
The next major section would be in back; the east side which was one big room used as a garage or
work shop.
The next was the bathroom to the south side.  This was the only addition not done in adobe. This         
section was constructed in cement block.

The first phases were clean up and demolition. The
entire roof had to be removed all existing window and
doors were removed. A concrete bond beam was
installed on west side of the building. After the roof
structure was reconstructed the floors were leveled
and repaired. Then the new framing came in and
created a contemporary interior.  The exterior had to
remain as close to original as possible.
This building became a 1237 sq' three bedroom; one
and three quarter bathroom house. It has energy star
rated heating and cooling systems and an on demand
tankless water heater. Its amenities are in the
affordable class.